The Theory Of Development Concepts And Applications By William Crain

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Sadly, my early years of child rearing were not of heavy observation on my part! Our home was one of somewhat traditional roles in terms of family dynamic. I worked long hours away from the home and didn 't have the one on one contact with our children that my wife had, and enjoyed. I of course got the play-by-play from her, but in hind sight, I was deprived of so many beautiful observations. Our text Theories of Development Concepts and Applications by William Crain outlines human development by many theorists. A few of those are John Bowlby, Mary D.S. Ainsworth, and Erik H. Erikson. I couldn 't help but reminisce about the stages of my own children’s growth while reading the work of Bowlby, Ainsworth and Erikson. I remember having my young children with me when ever it was possible, but what attachments to them might I have missed while I was busy working or did I miss any at all? Bowlby’s work on attachment gives a compelling argument as to the importance of attachment in the first 6 months of a Childs life. Ainsworth’s work is focused on the idea of a child using the parent as a base for further exploration of their surroundings. Erikson’s work on the other hand considers the role of society and culture in development. In reading these works, the theories appear to be easily stitched together to give an all encompassing view of human development over an entire life time and how our attachment to our parents is critical to that development. Let’s further
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