The Theory Of Goal Attainment By Imogene King

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Nursing/Nursing Practice: Theory: No specific theory was identified on the public web page, However, there is a milieu of research and frameworks that are published that have been utilized by the Banner Health System as a whole. For example, the theory of goal attainment by Imogene King is one of the theories used by the nursing staff and is evident in bedside reporting (Anderson & Mangino, 2006). However, as stated in the philosophy, the art and science of nursing is demonstrated by compassion, creativity, and competence (Goebel, 2016). Additionally, the strength of the practice is in providing what is best for their patients (Goebel, 2016). Both of these statements define how the organization allows for the use of multiple theories to best fit the patient, situation, or specialty. Practice: A piece of the nursing practice relies on the Care Management Model which sets up functional teams with different focus points such as clinical data analysis, safety, utilization review, patient education, and performance improvement (BMC, 2015). BFMC surely has a code of conduct manual but it was not available for the public to view. The Banner organization utilizes many company developed frameworks of care centering on the patient and results of care (Mensik, Maust-Martin, Scott, & Horton, 2011). Additionally, Evidence based practice is expressed as scientifically based care promoting integrity and striving for the highest quality of care and services (Goebel, 2016). While BRMC does

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