The Theory Of Management By Mary Parker Follett, Fredrick Taylor And Henri Fayol

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Management is a skill where tasks are accomplished through a process in order to achieve certain goals of the organisation. There are many definitions of management explained by different people and numerous philosophers. The evolution -the change of management study consists a period in the 20th century where scientific approach, classical/administrative approach and human relations of management were the major changes and had huge impact on the management environment. In the evolution of management there are appearance of many names but this paper only focuses on three philosophers named Mary Parker Follett, Fredrick Taylor and Henri Fayol. It looks at their work and contributions in management and what is their best approaches. These three individuals introduced many great different ideas and techniques to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and to change the concept of working in the workplace. This paper examines the work, statement of Follett regarding the hierarchy of position in contrast to authority and it leads on to compare it with Taylor and Fayols viewpoints. Mary Parker Follett was born in The state of Massachusetts which is located in state of US. She was a writer, socials worker, and also a speaker. Mary Parker Follett grew up in the time when the businesses management theory was mastered by Taylor 's scientific management theory. Her ideas and evaluation of management were narrated in her book in 1924 called 'creative experience ' (Gibson et al. 2013).
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