The Theory Of Nature And Nurture Essay

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Beginning from birth and extending to death is an intricate life long process of human development; however, comparing the human bond of others, we all have basic life stages from birth to death. Personal evolution of each human being requires each life moments. Being that there are predictions of common patterns to every human being, no individual life is the same. How a person develop throughout their life, depends on environmental blending experiences and biology. Nature and nurture are tingled before we are born. Processing of physical changes are largely driven as our brain grow and change due to different cognitive abilities and reduce function in old age, while psychosocial development is also influence by physical growth. Our involvement and relationship with other people also reflect our identity, as well as the environment we are better prone to, and how we may want to think our bodies and mind should be. Progress from infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence, and emerging into adulthood become more refined and complex as humans. Many theorists have attempted to identify the stages of cognitive and physical development, and in the process, there are many changes on how the human body and mind may reason. Over the course of a life span, many development has become a series of age related changes. Cognitive, social emotional, and physical are three areas of human development. Although these three areas have its differences, they are influence by each

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