The Third Article Is By Murali ( 2004 ) Essay

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The third article is by Murali (2004). This article looks into poverty at a deeper level and explores how it directly and indirectly affects mental health. It looks at it in the context of the growing inequality between the classes. This article mainly focuses on the children and how their social class shapes their mental health. It is important to look at how it affects children, because the children as they grow can either accept it or work hard to change it. It is hard to see upward mobility from the parents class. It is possible but usually there is only a one-class change. Focusing on how class affect children can help create treatments to help the child better coup with life as an adult. It also looks into how they plan to reduce inequality both nationally and internationally (Murali, 2004). This is important to look at because it can help explain the differences in mental health between the social classes. The fourth article I found is by Artazcoz, Benach, Borrell, & Cortès (2004). This article looks at the interactions among genders, family roles, and social class. This article helps explain the common findings of how the lower class has more mental health problems. It explains how unemployment affects the families’ mental health. It also explains why which is needed for comparison to the upper classes’ stresses (Artazcoz, Benach, Borrell, & Cortès, 2004). This article is important because it explains how unemployment changes your family dynamic and can change your

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