The Threat Of The Terror Group Isis

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In December of 2011, the United States withdrew all remaining combat troops from Iraq. After eight years of war, the United States turned the responsibility for the defense of Iraq over to the Iraqi security forces. Iraq immediately saw the rise of sectarian violence among Sunnis and Shia. This nation also saw the reemergence of the insurgency known as Al Qaeda in Iraq in the northwest portion of the country. The problems in Iraq grew with the igniting of a civil war in the neighboring nation of Syria. This civil war allowed for members of Al-Qaeda in Iraq to spread to and develop in an unstable area and emerging as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, ISIS. Within twelve months, ISIS grew by creating of an organizational structure, engaging in violent military campaigns, developing an economy and establishing successful recruitment techniques. ISIS now controls large swaths of territory in both northwest Iraq and Eastern Syria. Political leadership in the United States is now debating what action should be taken to combat the terror group ISIS. To prevent ISIS from harming our national security, to stop the threat of international terrorism and to stop the destruction of Iraq and its people The United States should send ground troops to Iraq to combat ISIS.
Many people do not think the government should send troops to Iraq to stop the threat of ISIS becoming a national threat to the United States. The Obama administration has focused on bombing ISIS and training

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