The Time Traveller's Theories

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{{Be sure to introduce the book and author in your introduction}} Throughout the story, the Time Traveller has theories about how the Eloi and Morlocks became the way that they have. The lack of necessities and the lifestyles of both groups had a large impact on the changes and continued to shape them into a new species. There are many ways in which the Time Traveller's theories clearly reflect Darwin's main points. Darwin's theory of evolution, "The Premise," has great relation to the Time Traveller's theories. The Time Traveller's theories whiich {{spelling error}} have the best relation with Darwin's theories are: the Eloi are sole descendants, the Morlocks are slaves to the Eloi, and the Morlocks had evolved to become predators instead.

The Time Traveller's first theory was that science continued to progress for ages and continued to become less work over time. It is made clear that the Eloi are beautiful, lazy people who live above ground. Darwin's theory stresses that the descent of humans with modifications as science continued to progress. The Eloi lost their competitive edge and eventually became indolent. {{What evidence from the text supports this? Be specific.}} The second theory is that he thinks the Morlocks are slaves once he
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He had learned this when he discovered the different diets between the Morlocks and Eloi. He discovered that the Morlocks had been carnivores, or hunters and their supply of food had been gone. The Time Traveller thinks this because he feels that the workers wanted to get revenge and have control for once. Darwin's theory stresses that beneficial mutations continue among a species until a new species is created, resulting in different organisms that can continue to survive. {{How does this connect to the Time Traveller's theory in this paragraph? Be
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