The Tobacco Sales : Pharmacy

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Tobacco sales: Pharmacy In recent years the health risks among smokers has become more apparent and more of an issue amongst Americans. In response to these concerns many actions have taken place to help prevent issues caused by tobacco such as lung cancer and secondhand smoke. CVS was the first pharmacy to take tobacco off their shelves, they did this in hopes to fight this battle against the harmful effects of tobacco. According to the pharmacists code of “pharmacists must be committed to the welfare of their patients and must act with honesty and integrity in professional relationships, avoid actions that compromise dedication to the best interests of their patients.”(American, 2014) The sale of tobacco within a pharmacies violate the…show more content…
After this our store will be free of all tobacco products and we can get back to our original image of being health orientated. With this we can re-make our image, an image that we as a pharmacy can be proud to support. If our decision can further encourage other pharmacy’s to taken upon the same action then we may have a chance at reducing tobacco-related deaths, cancer, and heart disease; as well as health care costs. What is good for our customers is good for us, we have a responsibility to care about their health. With this responsibility we have a chance to change the way people look at tobacco and how they get help with any health problem. Our main priority is to recognize the health risks that come with tobacco. These are risks we are selling to our company every time a customer purchases a tobacco product. Many health effects of using tobacco are Lung disease, Heart disease, Stroke, and a 1/3 of all Cancers. When you use tobacco you are putting a dangerous chemical in your body which hurts many parts of your body. “Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death in The United States.” (CDC, April 2014). It is said that Tobacco products are unhealthy, but so are alcohol and junk foods. Yet one puff of a cigarette damages every organ, while eating one portion of junk food or drinking one shot of alcohol does not have such adverse
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