The Topic of Abortion Rights

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I have chosen the topic of abortion rights for my final paper. It is a very controversial and touchy subject, Roe v. Wade has been making headlines for years. The reason that I have chosen this topic is because I am a Christian and the stance of my religion is that abortion is wrong. However, I feel like Christians often tell people not do thing without fully examining the topic; they often do not have enough background knowledge on the situation. They try to view the world as wrong and right, black and white but it is not that simple; as I said before there is a whole lot of grey. All that grey makes it hard to determine which side of the argument is correct. It is very easy to disapprove of something (like I do of abortion) but, I have never been in a position to even consider one.

There are two main points of view of abortion. Pro-life and pro-choice; the former is against abortion while that latter says it is your choice. Pro-life believers think that it is not your right to terminate a pregnancy. In our eyes it is essentially murder, you are taking the life of another. That it is the government’s duty to preserve all human life no matter what. Even if it is not practical and the quality-of-life is not great they have a right to live. Now within the pro-life group there is some variation; some are against contraception while other are okay with it. For example, I am completely against emergency contraception (the plan B pill) because I believe that life starts at

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