The Touch Screen Generation By Hanna Rosin

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I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the sight of a three-year-old picking up an iPad and navigating it with no issues. I considered myself as part of the technological generation, but I had never stopped to think about the next generation after us. After reading Hanna Rosin’s “The Touch-Screen Generation”, I began to think about the future and what technology will mean for the later generations. Rosin goes through an analysis of the technological options children have today and the research done over the implications of this new era. I, however, want to further examine Rosin’s choices made in this article to appeal her argument to the audience. First, I believe it is important to look at the technical aspects of the article in order to grasp a better understanding of the modes of persuasion she employed. In this article, Rosin’s organizes her ideas by going through a timeline of her time at developer’s conference for children’s technology and apps. She occasionally cuts into this timeline with an analysis of an idea, or specific research that has been performed. This organization allows the readers to follow her ideas in a concise matter, and experience the conference through her point of view. Rosin takes a rhetorical style with this article. She specifically takes an antagonist style by not directly answer the question of what the influence of technology will be but uses provoking statements to incite discussion. This can be seen when she says things such as, “So,

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