Religious Tradition Essay

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Introduction Over the years, many people have seen their lives transformed spiritually through their practices and adherence to the application of scriptures, prayer and spiritual traditions. Therefore, churches express their spirituality through different traditions and practices based on the emphasis placed on that particular tradition. Fundamentally, in identifying these traditions Richard Foster placed them in six categories, namely, contemplative, holiness, charismatic, social justice, evangelical, and incarnation. Although, these traditions are central to our Christian faith each church has demonstrated a tendency to prefer the practice of one over the other (Spiritual Formation, in Class notes, 2013).
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In addition, the holiness tradition emphasizes imitating the character and nature of Jesus, who set the foundation on which the church must live (In class notes, 2017). Evidence of this is demonstrated in holding each other accountable the standards that are set out for us in the Bible. I Peter 1:16 “Be Holy because I am holy.” Thus striving to purify and sanctify our lives through the renunciation of shameful and sinful ways. Therefore, the church focus is about conforming to the standard of Jesus in order to reflect his glory. Further, the church continues to strive in their efforts to live a virtuous life despite discouragement, temptations, doubt and fears that might overtake them at times.
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Three ways in which the evangelical and holiness tradition are practice is as follows, application of the word, discipleship and striving to live a virtuous life. In applying the word to their daily lives the Church is edified as they grow more into the likeness of Christ. A central aspect of this is reading the Bible each day and living according to it. Notwithstanding, the word comes to the church in many ways. Through preaching and teaching, encouragement or rebuke from brothers and sisters or others around us. Central to the teachings of the Church is that the word is applicable to any

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