The Tragedy Of The Red Tails

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Films do not simply give someone words and ask them to create a world of their own; films offer a complete other dimension that the viewer belongs to for a few brief hours. Without films like Saving Private Ryan, society would not be able to experience the emotions of, in this case, war, but the emotions of other people in general. Those who watched Milk for the first time were suddenly smacked in the face by the reality of what it was like to stand up for their rights. The audiences of Red Tails saw what it was like to get treated like you were less than someone else, and how people needed to prove their worth to others. None of these films had anything to do with events current from their times of release, but sometimes it is good to empathize with our ancestors. Movies do not need to only ever show people being oppressed in order to connect with an audience though, sometimes it is good to just allow people to feel raw emotions. Crash addresses the oppressed by labeling everyone as oppressed and by also labeling everyone as the oppressor, allowing the film to truly connect to all audiences. Paul Haggis uses the film Crash to portray what stereotypes people really think in, using the language as a vessel to take the audience within their own subconscious.
In Paul Haggis’ 2004 film, Crash, he shows how closely seven completely different groups of people, along with a few side groups, brush up in each other’s lives. The tagline “Things are not really black or white” really

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