The Tragic Challenger Explosion Essay

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The Tragic Challenger Explosion The Tragic Challenger Explosion Space Travel. It is a sense of national pride for many Americans. If you ask anyone who was alive at the time, they could probably tell you exactly where they were when they heard that Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the Moon. But all of the success in our space programs is overshadowed by tragedy. On January 28, 1986, one of the worst disasters in our space program's history occurred. Many people were watching at the moment because it was the highly televised space mission where, for the first time, a civilian was a member of the crew that was to be shot into space. This civilian was the winner of the "Teacher in Space" contest, Christa McAuliffe. The…show more content…
. . persevering and believing in oneself (page 34)." Michael Smith, born in 1945, always had his head in the clouds. At the age of 16, he soloed in a single-engine Aeronca. After the U.S. put its first astronaut into space in 1961, Smith decided that was where he wanted to be. His older brother said, "In high school he paid a lot of attention to academics because he knew that was the best way to get in." He also thought much of the space program. He once said, "Everybody looks at flying the shuttle as something dangerous. But it's not. It's a good program, and something the country should be proud of (Gray 34)." Ellison Onizuka, born in 1946, became an instant hero to both the Hawaiians and the Japanese Americans because he was the first member of either group to fly in space. He was one who was always fascinated by the vastness of outer space and spend a lot of time studying it. When he was young, he spent much of his time examining the universe through a telescope at Honolulu's Bishop Museum. He also said before the Challenger launch, "I'll be looking at Halley's comet. They tell me I'll have on of the best views around (Gray 35)." His family always looked favorably upon his achievement. After the tragedy, his mother remembered that "Ellison always had it in his mind to become an astronaut, but was too embarrassed to tell anyone. When he was growing up, there were no Asian astronauts, no black astronauts, just white ones (Gray
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