The Tragic Hero In Sir Gawain The Green Knight

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Gawain stood there with a knot in his chest, trying to swallow his fear, not the fear of the huge green man standing before him but of the fear of death. who knows how to be manipulated, who knows how to bossed around and walked on, who can’t say no. When you’re a knight you’re disposable, just a faceless man who knows how to swing a sword. He had never really accepted the fact that he is a dead man walking whose life is being counted on the sand in an hourglass, the last few grains are running out and they’re about to be just another grain of wasted time. The tiny man digging his feet into the dirt looked up at the axe and saw the sharp evergreen shaded blade. The axe looked almost like it had recently been crafted by a skilled smith. There were dried specs of blood from the last innocent being who crossed its fatal path. Gawain attempted to seem unaffected as the huge green man towered over him. There was a blaze of fire in the Green Knight’s eyes, gripping the axe tightly with both hands and made a few practice swings. Gawain knew his fate was about to be granted and he can’t do anything about it, just let the deed be done and over with, let him go out with the thread of honor he manages to still possess. The green man stared Gawain directly in the eyes. …show more content…

“That was just another practice swing.” A little chuckle slips out of the man’s mouth. “This one is the one. Don’t

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