The Transatlantic Slave Trade By David Eltis

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In widespread and systematic oppression, Africans forced into slavery faced unsurmountable odds to resist oppression, obtain equality, and to build and sustain a community. The European countries involved in the transatlantic slave trade, made one of the most profitable systems in world history that led to the development of one of the greatest countries in history. Each chapter in the book explains a different reason for why leading up to an ending goal of sufficient evidence on why the Africans more than any other race. In the book David Eltis, examines why a system with such advanced societies used such a primitive system to accomplish economic and political goals. Freedom was such an important "problem" in the context of the natural world for the European nations. With their power, they took millions of slaves from their homes in order to help colonize the new land. First, he explains the demands of the market for slaves and the problems from the European nations on their labor crisis. "Economic motives, albeit shaped by less overt and slowly changing cultural values, have usually provided the basic reason for migration (Eltis 30)." The motive of the Europeans were economic reasons. There were more opportunities in the New World to find work, but due to the tremendous amount of work needed, they had to find a larger labor force. Next, Eltis discussion led to the want for the African slaves not a necessarily “need”. Europeans had criminals and indentured servants
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