The Transition From High School Into College

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The transition from high school into college can be one that many students can struggle with. There are so many things that have to be adjusted to that things can seem overwhelming at times. This is something that those who choose to go to college have to go through though. One of the big things that students find difficult is the ability to adjust to the style of writing that is required in this higher level of education. They are accustomed to the typical format of shallow writing that is satisfactory to receive a grade that is good enough to get them through to the next assignment. Writing in college is useful to help throw those old patterns out the window and bring in better ones. Having different standards in the grading, volume, and description, writing in college helps to develop an individual as a writer by expanding them into a more competent version of themselves. When writing the first paper of a student 's college career, they will more than likely be given a rubric that details the expectations that are necessary for receiving a certain grade on the paper. This happened when I was assigned my first paper and the amount of things that were required from the paper was intimidating to me at first. The fact that there couldn 't be any spelling errors or grammatical issues in the paper or the grade would be affected caught my attention from the start. In high school, a problem that I had was that I did not have reliable way to check my paper for mistakes. This led
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