The Transition Into Womanhood By David Michael Kaplan

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The transition into womanhood can be viewed in many different lights. It can be seen as a slow, gradual process that takes years to complete. For others, it can take one experience that will alter the way a female will think and act for the rest of her life. As for Andy, she is a mixture of both. She begins the story with a younger girl’s view on life with flashes of womanhood running through her vision and then with the experience of killing a doe, she transitions into the woman she is meant to be. Throughout the story “Doe Season” written by David Michael Kaplan, the reader is able to witness Andy’s varying sense of womanhood and her complete transformation into it. Andy begins her journey into womanhood when she wakes up for the hunting trip. She notices her mother is exhausted and still continues to make them breakfast. At this point, it shows Andy that she is able to continue on, regardless of her exhaustion. Once on their way to the hunting spot, she faces discrimination from Charlie Spoon, he father’s friend. She overhears the conversation between Charlie and her father. He feels as though Andy should not be allowed on the trip simply because she is a female. Charlie states, “‘She’ll just add to the noise and get tired besides.’” (511) He hates the idea of a nine year old girl tagging along. Although she brushes this off, it plant a seed inside the back of her mind that she needs approval from Charlie and her father. After they reach their spot, they have to grab
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