The Treaty Of The Nonproliferation Of Nuclear Weapons

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For this paper, you are required to select a US federal government strategy document (but not one from the Week 3 reading) and compare and contrast it to a strategy document from another governmental entity. Nuclear non-proliferation treaty The treaty of the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons is the basis for the nonproliferation regime. Nonproliferation has three reinforcing pillars; they are the peaceful use of nuclear, nonproliferation and disarmament. These stop the spread of nuclear weapons internationally. The reason for non-proliferation treaty is “countries with nuclear weapons will move towards disarmament; countries without nuclear weapons will not acquire them; and all countries can access peaceful nuclear…show more content…
In contrast, if nuclear material was not secure by the nonproliferation regime; there would be “a growing number of nations came to possess nuclear weapon arsenals; it was believed that the risks of nuclear war as a result of accident, unauthorized use, or escalation of regional conflicts would greatly increase. The possession of nuclear weapons by many countries would add a grave new dimension of threat to world security.”(Godsberg 2017).However, without nonproliferation treaty there would be security interest to world.
On the other hand, collective security does not always works on the principle of equality; as in most case “Powerful states always dominate collective security decisions and actions. In fact, only the powerful states can play an effective role in executing a collective security action. At times the powerful states are reluctant to put their power behind a collective security action which does not strictly conform to their national interests.”(Dinesh 2017).Even though, collective security is designed to act before there is an international crisis, there actions does not always stand collectively to all national interest against aggression. That is why, some countries fears nonproliferation. For example, the Middle East claimed that the “lack robust civilian nuclear programs have increasingly looked to diversify their economies through nuclear power. Other than safety risks
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