The Treaty of Versailles

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In 1919 at the Paris Peace Conference The Treaty of Versailles was formally drafted and World War I was finally brought to an end. The treaty was drafted by the Allied Powers, which consisted of Great Britain, France and the United States. This treaty blamed the war solely on Germany, and it required them to pay an amount of “$33 billion dollars in reparations, cede all of colonies, dismantle their air force, and greatly reduce their other military operations”(German Delegation, 291).
The German army was reduced to 100,000 men, and they were not allowed to have access to any tanks for their military. They were only given permission in the treaty to only be granted access to 6 capital naval ships to help defend their coastline, but they were not given any access to submarines which would help them attack, or become undetected. They were also to agree that the area that was to the west of the Rhineland and the area that was 50 kms east of the River Rhine was to be made into a demilitarized zone or (DMZ). A (DMZ) is an area of which no German soldiers or German aiding weapons are to be allowed. The Allies had agreed that they were to keep a standard army occupied on the west bank of the Rhine for 15 years to be able to hold up these treaty agreements. Also, during the drafting of this treaty, Germany was not allowed to give any input even though that they were the most impacted, and are facing the majority of the consequences.
On October 20th, 1916, President Wilson

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