The Truth about the Food Industry

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The truth about the food industry The food that you are eating maybe is "fake" food. The food industry owns to its consumers a clear nutritional label that is easy to understand especially if the food is genetically modified. GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) have been around in the markets for the last 20 years GM crops can be engineered to be naturally pest-resistant, undermining the need for pesticide chemicals. GM crops can be engineered to tolerate extreme weather conditions, such as cold fronts or droughts, allowing for a geographically diverse range of growth sites. GM crops can be engineered with added vitamins and minerals, which is especially beneficial in third world countries dealing with malnutrition "( Rachel). However, the topic of the food that us Americans eat has many aspects and points of view the following are just some of those aspects. The food industry owes to its consumers a clear nutritional label. The Fast food restaurants know how to brainwash the customer well. They would sell salads, but they do not tell you that you can be eating up to 1,040 calories in that salad because according to the article "Don't blame the eater" by David Zinczenko. He explains the following "For example, one company's Web site lists its chicken salad as containing 150 calories; the almonds and noodles, that come with it (an additional 190 calories) are listed separately. Add a serving of the 280-calorie dressing, and you've got a healthy lunch alternative that

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