The Unethical Decisions of Cutting Corners on Construction Sites

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The reason that most people go into construction is because it is a job skill that can be used world wide, and there are many different ways to make a decent living. Due to the current economic situation, the construction business has been sluggish. Contractors have been earning a smaller amount than they used to and this causes, most contractors and subs to cut corners and the customer or owner pays the ultimate price of lousy job. Most of these activities are unethical and dangerous.

Ethics is described as the duty as a person to do the righteous actions and have respectable morals. If someone is ethical then he or she will be able to associate between what is right and wrong, and carry out ethical acts in all situations. The
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Situational ethics can be when hard hats are required when working outside the building but not when inside due to the heat. Ethical behavior should not wave around but steady and firm. One of the major areas in which ethics have to be implemented and is tied into is safety. Even though safety is everyone's job, it is theoretically the job of the contractor to safety, which is ethical and moral part of the job. As a contractor, he is the one in charge to provide and enforce a safe working environment and also hiring a safety engineer to oversee this part of the project. If the contractor defrauds on safety for any reason, it is considered unethical. Due to this stringent rules and previous mistakes, this is a big priority that must be done.

Unethical practices in construction are bid rigging, bid shopping, and front end loading. These are all forms of collusion that are unethical and schemes that are associated with the construction business. Bid rigging is the way that scheming competing contractors effectively increase the prices where owners are often federal, state, or local governments. They acquire services by put out competing bids; in which, competitors agree in before hand who will be submitting the accepted bid on a contract that is being handed into the competitive bids. This is a scheme that a lot of big name contractors would use to help each other out, but the owner is the one paying and loosing out. Bid shopping when
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