The Union Of A Human Resource Director

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As being put in the position of a Human Resource director and being put in a situation that employees do not like the union and would like for me to take action and get rid of it, I will first acknowledge that I hold an important position as being director within the organization and being put in this type of situation. I shouldn’t and wouldn’t allow any employees concerns or disliked interest towards the union to take action without referring to the union laws. In this case scenario I will end up coming up with some sort of strategy plan and come to the best ways where I can be able to convince the organizations employees on the advantages a union brings and educate them more on how important it is to be part of a union while at the same time guarding the company’s interest a mission. To start off, I believe that employees need to be taught and given more information when dealing with understanding a union. It is important to information the employee of the advantages as well as the benefits that comes with being part of a union. Of course, besides seeing the positive and advantages a union have there can be some negative effects that come with being part of a union, but I personally believe that the positive effects tend to outweigh the negatives when really being acknowledged. As being the director, you have a mission as well as a direction you want things to head for the overall success of the union and one thing that cannot happen is me take action and collaborate with

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