The United States Air Force

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The United States Air Force, USAF, was recognized on 18 September 1947. It was on this day that air activities were reassigned from the United States Army. The mission of the USAF is to fly, fight, and win in air, space, and cyberspace. To attain this mission, the USAF has a vision of Global Vigilance, Reach and Power. That vision circles around three core competencies: developing Airmen, technology to war fighting and integrating operations. These core competencies make our six distinct capabilities possible. The Public Health Technology, AFSC 4E0X1, career field is 1 of 133 different career fields in the USAF. The Public Health career field is a part of the medical group and falls under the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS). The mission…show more content…
The Public Health career field is typically a part of either the Aerospace Medicine Squadron or the Aeromedical Dental Squadron belonging to the assigned medical group. The Public Health Flight is comprised of at least one officer in charge (OIC), at least one senior non-commissioned officer (SNCO), several non-commissioned officers (NCO/NCOIC), and several airmen. Within this flight there are two elements: Community Health and Force Health Management and between the two elements there are six different sections. Each of the six sections has a NCO that is responsible for the daily oversight and operation. In addition, both of the elements have a NCO that is responsible for the daily oversight and management of the sections assigned to their respective element. The element NCOs report to the Flight Chief or Flight NCOIC, who in turn reports to the Flight OIC. The organizational structure for an airman will differ dependent on the section in which they are assigned. As one can imagine, there is a lot of room for miscommunication within an organization that has many different people in charge in such a small flight.
Outside of the flight, the organizational chain continues to grow. The Flight Commander reports to the Squadron Commander. As I previously mentioned, the Public Health Flight is assigned to one of two squadrons. Within either of
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