The United States Marine Corps

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Most of my service in the United States Marine Corps was spent overseas in Japan and in the Republic of Korea. During this time, I was a recognised weapons expert responsible for the training of both United States Armed personnel and the Republic of Korea Marines and soldiers. I thoroughly enjoyed my training role which allowed me to develop various strategies to effectively communicate with foreign nationals and offer a direct experience on the logistics of global security as well as its implementations. Overall, it was a rewarding experience and I welcome such an opportunity in the future In addition, I worked in legal administration where I would assist the Japanese Government, military police, and the Judge Advocate General’s Corps in information gathering for the use of senior officers and courts martial. This position offered a unique perspective on international law as I had to examine the Japan Status of Forces Agreement in conjunction with the Uniform Code of Military Justice to accurately establish legality. My work demanded a high level of analysis and cooperation with personnel of various cultural and social backgrounds. Eventually, I was appointed to be the liaison between the United States State Department and United States Forces Japan. I would assist the Consul General in various investigations for the purpose of naturalization. With a career in security in mind, I pursued undergraduate studies in psychology. Under the supervision of Dr. Kathie Shiba and Dr.

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