The United States

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Early English settlers who sailed on the Arbella set a precedent that would affect the actions and history of the United States in the future. According to The Wordy Shipmates author Sarah Vowell, those colonists began the way the United States would be unique and not conform to what other countries do and this is shown in the actions the United States has taken throughout its history. Instead of conforming, most of the goals of the United States have been to allow other nations to conform to the United States’ image. Yet, those colonists who were being sent off with John Cotton’s speech questioned their decision to leave England in case there was some reason England would need their religious influence. There is no reason why their home…show more content…
Most Americans agreed that spreading democracy in the Middle East was a good idea, it came at a price. As of 2013, the War in Iraq alone cost the United States about $2 trillion and took the lives of about 134,000 Iraqi civilians, according to Reuters. In addition to the War in Iraq, The Afghan War cost a third of a billion dollars for the United States and between both Afghani civilians and Coalition servicemen has cost tens of thousands of lives. Also, while the ultimate goal was for the Middle East to have Westernized governments, these wars had controversial justifications. It was thought that the radical Islamic extremist groups posed a threat to the United States and Iraq supposedly had weapons they should not have had.
Looking back to early colonial America, the reasons why the United States became involved in the Middle East are similar to reasons for war among Native Americans and Colonists. Just as war in the Middle East has come at a price, so did the Puritans escape from
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