The United States : The Rights And Duties For Us Citizens

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The United States (US) Constitution establishes the rights and duties for US Citizens and all residents in the country. Regular issues mostly brought before courts are alleged violations of citizens’ rights. To some extent, it is confusing to determine whether a citizen’s constitutional rights have been violated or not; decisions may be appealed simply due to incomprehension. The First Amendment granted freedom of religion, press, speech to every citizen, and established the secular nature of country while prohibiting any religious discrimination in any state (Varone, 2012). For example, it is difficult for employers to accommodate incompatible religious beliefs to work related requirements without violating at a time citizens’ rights and the US Constitution by undermining the state of secularism. In Maryland, a lawsuit filed against a volunteer department for denying a citizen a membership because of his religious beliefs was brought before a US district court in 1983 (Open Jurist, 1994). The Case’s facts, the issues, the rulings, the justification, personal opinion on the ruling, emergency situation that this decision could be cited are the subjects of this essay. The Facts Goldstein, the complainant, supposed that he was denied membership in the Chestnut Ridge Volunteer Fire Department because of religious motives which were Judaism, and he filed suits against the fire department before a US district court (Open Jurist, 1994). The fire company requested the court to

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