The United States of America is known to be the land of the free. In addition to that, it is the

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The United States of America is known to be the land of the free. In addition to that, it is the country of choices and chance. The right that one would carry around in this nation is considered abundant in contrast to others. However, with the freedom of rights, one also carries the responsibilities to make the U.S the superpower and 1st world country it's known for using the patriotism of its citizens. The relationship between the nation and its citizens help accomplish a pleasant environment where they are glad to use their rights and eager to finish their responsibilities to preserve the democratic ideals of its country.

This nation ensures that the people are holding certain rights under the law. Basic rights such as the first
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Although all the rights stated within the amendments made to the constitutions contain some level of importance, the first amendment is arguably the most important. It states that congress is not allowed to make any laws regarding religion, against the freedom of speech and petition, and against the press. This gives the citizens the right to worship as they wish, argue as much as they want, and listen to uncensored news. It ensures the second to basic human rights that the common citizen has grown sentiment for and is considered the pride of this nation. Just having the right to worship whatever one believes in is simple, yet intuitive. It shows that even the little things such as the first amendment can impact society for the better. On the other hand, the responsibilities to this amendment is that, because the government does not filter what you hear or see, you would have to do it yourself. This makes ideas to be heard easier, but would cause more paranoia from the idea you have the opportunity to listen to.

Imagine sitting at home doing what you like most. Your phone rings from nowhere and, because it rings irritably, you decided to pick it up. Your heart then stops by the 10 words that would change your life, "Sir, your ruling has changed. You have been found guilty." Another important amendment made to the constitution is the 5th amendment which protects the citizens of this nation from double-jeopardy, or
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