The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

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A just society can be equated with the notions of equality, freedom, and fairness. A just society follows an order of equality as its members are granted with a set of uniform rights. As Article Three in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights establishes, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” A just society is a society that protects these aforementioned rights by providing its citizens with safety and security for which governments are created. Members of a society enter into a social contract with the government to protect their rights. ((ADD sentence for coherence)) When presented with the scenario, “Imagine that you’re at the controls of a railway switch and there’s an out-of-control trolley coming. The tracks branch into two, one track that leads to a group of five people, and the other to one person. If you do nothing, the trolley will smash into the five people. But if you flip the switch, it’ll change tracks and strike the lone person. What do you do?” A utilitarian will most likely opt to save the group of five people and sacrifice the one person (Dvorsky). This choice permits for the suffering of one for the benefit of majority. However, a just society, or a just government, will find away to save all of them. A just society does not merely provide aid to the majority groups, neglecting any minority groups; a just society does not allow one to suffer for any sort of greater good. In other words, a just society will protect the rights…
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