The Universe: Ways in which Galaxies Interact Among Each Other

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Within this cosmic pinball machine of a universe , there are many different types of interactions. Stars, gases, and dust all interact with one another . Dark matter halos and black holes also interact within galaxies. Even the Milky Way galaxy as stated by the Hubble Expansion of the Universe the universe is expanding at a steady rate, but as the universe expands it is not simply moving apart; many galaxies are, in fact, interacting with one another in a sort of cosmic pinball. There are many ways that galaxies interact with one another and some ways are better than others. A merger is one of the more violent of interactions, it occurs when two galaxies collide. They do not have the momentum to keep going and fall into one another eventually merging together completely ( Astronomy, 2009). The Antennae Galaxy is a swell example of a merger. The clash between the two has been extremely violent as stars have been ripped from their parent galaxy by the gravitational force of the other . The result is a long flowing arc of stars formed between the pair, creating long tidal tails that resemble antennae. Collisions are less violent than a merger .The major difference is that after a collision, the galaxies usually remain separate. Interactions are the least violent : the galaxies do not actually collide but instead simply become distorted or exchange gas and dust as a result of mutual gravitational attraction and through observation and theoretical evidence

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