The Use Of Animals For Research Testing Essay

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In the society we live in, it is filled with debatable controversies. Figuring out a solution to an issue can possibly create quite a stir in our world. In the cooperation of finding a solution, understanding both sides of an argument is very essential. This can help create a better outline of what outweighs the other. With hundreds of topics to solve, there was one that stood out, animal testing. The use of animals for research testing is an issue that has been debated whether or not it is acceptable or not. Within this questionable topic, our main focus is on the researchers, animals, users, and environment. Terms that you may associate with animal testing would vary greatly, but there are some that can be used as an example such as testing, experiment, abuse, negligence, and acceptable. Have you ever thought about these words as you purchase medication or makeup products? As each individual has their own beliefs, is animal testing, acceptable? Not everyday will these words come to our mind as we pick up items from our local pharmacy or store. Granting that there are certain products that are cruelty-free, majority of our daily necessities have been tested with the help of non-human living organisms. The amount of harm that an animal may experience within an experiment of course would fluctuate due to the lab and researchers in which the experiment is being conducted within. Although animal testing benefits humans, as it brings more medical advancement and less human-based
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