The Use Of Motor Vehicles And Their Ownership, Social And Environmental Impacts Of Increased Commercial Vehicle Use

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It’s a fact, commercial vehicle use around the world is expanding, both in the developed and developing world. It is debatable whether the use, and more specifically ownership, of a passenger vehicle is a need, or a want, but before we consider the implications surrounding this debate, we need to discuss what these terms mean. Needs are things such as food, water, shelter, clothing, sleep, and comfort that are necessary for human survival. Wants are things that may increase a person’s feelings of self-worth, self-fulfillment, independence, and personal potential. Note that defining what is a need, and what is a want is not always black and white, there are many things, such as passenger vehicles, that may fall somewhere in between these …show more content…

It was also found that fuel consumption and emissions were 20-45% higher during rush hour traffic than in steady traffic conditions. Stopped traffic, especially during commute times, is not only a frustration to drivers, but to business and corporations as well. Each year, traffic tie-ups are estimated to result in 1.2 billion hours of lost time, with productivity loss equal to approximately $30 billion in the United States alone. On top of that, an estimated 2.2 billion gallons of gasoline are also lost. One way that rush hour traffic can be reduced is through car pooling, or car sharing. An initiative in Portland called “Car Sharing Portland” (CSP) has been shown as one way to effectively reduce road traffic. Car sharing is when a group of individuals or businesses share their cars with other members, who primarily use these vehicles for short, local trips. As a result of CSP, 26% of members sold their own personal cars, and 53% were able to avoid purchasing their own vehicle. This is only one of many innovative solutions that have been shown to be effective in reducing traffic congestion and unnecessary motor vehicle ownership. When the true costs of commercial vehicles are considered, it is easy to find solutions that can be beneficial both for you, and the environment.

The difficulty in determining whether commercial vehicle use or ownership is a need

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