The Use Of Synthetic Material Into Their Own Product Lines

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Under Armour is one of the top sports apparel companies in the entire world. Their ultimate mission is to make athletes perform better. Since they came into the sports apparel market, they have been a disruptive pioneer who struck fear in top competitors such as Nike and Addias. Under Armour helped reshape the sports apparel industry when they were the first ones to introduce apparel that used synthetic materials such as alternatives to natural fibers, like cotton and polyester. This very important switch gave athletes a shirt that provided them with compression and helped wipe away any sweat that you may have rather than absorbing it. This type of shirt help individuals regulate their temperature and enhance their overall performance. …show more content…

He eventually made the shirt and tested it out with his own football team. After graduation, Plank traveled to various universities in an attempt to find a buyer for his product. After a extended period of time, he finally caught a break and earned the football team of Georgia Technical University Football team as a client.
Strengths & Weaknesses
The strengths of a business or any organization are looked at as positive elements, something that the company controls and does exceptionally well. Strengths are typically used to differentiate one company from another. Some strengths of under armour are:
- Financially Strong, able to deal with any problems that arise and can ride with any competitor that they have.
- Strong brand that is both well respected and recognized by the consumers.
- Very successful distribution chain, as this is highly important in order to get products from one location to another.
- Offers a wide range of casual apparel and sportswear for all demographics.
- Great response from a strong consumer base.
- They are official outfitters of many different colleges and universities.
- Great Leadership
- Competence in innovation
- Brand Equity & Brand Loyalty
A weakness of a company or an organization is an area in which they need to improve under their control. When a company has a weakness, this places them behind their competitors and keeping up with

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