The Use of Literary Devices, Imagery, and Tone in Krapp’s Last Tape

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The Imagery & Tone of a Play:

The Use of Literary Devices Imagery & Tone in Krapp’s Last Tape

In the play Krapp’s Last Tape, there is one protagonist who is described as sitting at a small table, listening to tapes. Krapp is an impaired and “broken-down” elderly man who spends his time listening to his younger voice on tapes. He is egotistical and subjective towards his younger self and critiques the way he acted in a certain place or time. He is lonely, but okay with it as he would rather focus on things that he has already experienced, rather then engage in new ones. He is essentially stuck in the past. The essay written below disputes the literary devices of imagery and tone in order to provide background and symbolism in …show more content…

Imagery plays a big part in describing the character’s appearance and actions in order to show what a character is like and how they respond to differing situations. It can also shape the story and reveal to the reader the background of a person, place, or thing. In Krapp’s Last Tape, the only character is given much detail and description in order to start the play at a point where the reader already knows some information about this elderly man. The literary convention of imagery provides insight into the character that will lead the play.
Krapp, the main protagonist in Krapp’s Last Tape is given a good amount of description, leading into the beginning of dialogue. His raggedy grey hair, disheveled clothes, and death-ridden face give the reader an image of a character that has lived through many years. It is as if he has given up on life and is preparing for what is to come. The fact that he is also “hard of hearing” and has a “cracked voice,” seems to have intensified the distaste towards his character. Krapp’s descriptive appearance helps to foreshadow his cynical and confined personality.
Krapp also remains motionless for most of the play. The only actions that do take place are of him eating a banana in the very beginning and the loading of the three tapes that Krapp focuses on in the dialogue. This imagery of him loading the tapes and sitting at his table depicts

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