The Value Of A Servant Leader

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Personally I think that the idea of being a servant leader is the best way to lead someone in any situation. It provides people with the necessary tools to be successful and keeps them motivated beyond the point of your being there to hold their hands through everything. It’s a small way to give people that necessary push and keep them moving forward. Instead of just giving people what they need at that time you give them the power to make their choices and propel their own life forward. Having someone realize that they “can” is a very powerful thing.
Do I think they world is too jaded for the notion of servant leadership? Well, that’s kind of a jaded question isn’t it? Sure, most people in this world are looking out for their selves but does that prevent me from putting my best foot forward to guide someone in the right direction? Absolutely not, and by doing so I can only hope that they can do the same thing for other people in the feature. It’s about keeping empathy alive and being selfless with at least some of your daily actions. …show more content…

In some ways yes. I spend a lot of my time working with younger students helping them get to a point in their educational career. We work on getting them to a point where they can survive in subjects and situation that they wouldn’t have been able to do before. We give those resources and knowledge and teach them how to navigate through every day situations that would otherwise be too difficult for them to handle. I think that some of the quality I was born with, like critical thinking any empathy but I think elements like patients and saying calm in situations I’ve learned over time. And I hope that I’ll eventually get better at

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