The Vietnam War And All That It Entails

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1 The Vietnam War and all that it entails has long symbolized the American cultural revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. It is popular among Hollywood and the music industry, but it is much more than pop culture. The War in Vietnam divided America to its core and helped to reshape the very fabric that makes us Americans from our political process to how civilians choose to react and support our soldiers, sailors and airmen. It has defined our Foreign Policy and even the steps politicians take in the campaign process and when elected the decisions they make in military strategy. From the beginning of mankinds recorded history two things have always been present. They are the struggle for leadership within a chosen group of people who have decided to live together as a group and the wars they have waged to either maintain their dominance or to defend themselves from an agressor attempting to vanquish them and their beliefs. In both examples of the political leader and that of warfare, it is the civillian directly or indirectly, that has both control and no control over either unless they rise together to form a powerful enough voice that causes the leaders to change direction to alter the course of events. The American civilian population has only faced this circumstance three times on a large scale in our brief ,but violent history and each time for better or worse have endured. First, they include the infancy of our nation during our revolution and independence
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