The Views Parents And Teachers Have On Inclusion And How These Views Impact On Classroom Inclusion Strategies

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The purpose of this report is to outline the views parents and teachers have on inclusion and how these views impact on classroom inclusion strategies. This report will discuss inclusion and the benefits for all students. The discussion will then focus on recommendations for bringing these views into line with current policies. This will be investigated by reviewing literature on inclusion through recently published journal articles and internet sites.
According to Inclusion Now (2015) “inclusion means that all children, regardless of their background or ability, are given the chance to play, learn and interact together”, meaning every person regardless of their age, gender, race, religion or disability is given the opportunity to be included in situations and services equally and fairly. The views parents, teachers and the community hold have an impact on classroom inclusion strategies. These are the three main stakeholders in a child’s education and all of them contribute to the outcomes of these students.
Teachers in particular have a major influence on their student’s individual learning. Their attitudes towards inclusion have a significant impact on the strategies they may or may not use within their classroom. The teacher’s views towards inclusion can be determined by many factors. Teachers who have been more educated in this area may have a more positive outlook on inclusive education.
Teachers need to provide their students with different learning
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