The Visual Learner in Me: Analyzing Different Learning Styles

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Have you ever thought about what your learning preference may be? Did you know everyone may have a style of learning? By taking a self assessment, you can identify your own learning style. Implementing this understanding into your daily life, may help ensure a better comprehension of material.

In this essay, I will gather information about two self assessments I have taken. These self assessments describe my individual learning style. I will determine if I agree or disagree with the assessment findings. I will address my personal reasons for entering college. I hope to develop a better understanding of myself and my assessment …show more content…

I understand visual-learning may not be suitable for everyone, but for me it works well. When doing mathematical exercises, I choose to write out each step for my own benefit. Having the steps laid out in front of me, helps me to better understand the solutions.

When I sought out my college degree, I had intentions to gain knowledge for obtaining a career that would help others. I still have the same intentions, but have expected more out of own performance. I want to gain a better financial footing for me and my family. Mostly, my children have inspired me to become a better person. My children are the reason I breathe, walk, sing, dance, entertain, read self-help books, cook, clean, and have a color coated chore wheel. They believe I have the moon in my hands, the stars at my door-step, and a direct line to Santa's workshop. These little people I have the pleasure to call mine, they are the reason I go to college.

In conclusion, it has been determined I am a visual learner. I started my college degree in search of a better life for me and my family. Having the drive to stay committed to your studies, will lead you to a better tomorrow. Being a visual learner incorporates diagrams, flow charts, and any

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