The Vocabulary Test By Kathleen T. Williams

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Published in 2007 by Kathleen T. Williams, in conjunction with Pearson Assessment, the Expressive Vocabulary Test, Second Edition (EVT-2) is considered an individually administered, norm-referenced vocabulary assessment (Williams, 2007). The EVT-2 is the second edition of the original Expressive Vocabulary Test by Kathleen T. Williams. As the updated version of the original Expressive Vocabulary Test, the EVT-2 includes new features such as a “second, parallel form for examiners to test and retest to monitor growth and evaluate response to intervention, full-color illustrations that are larger than the illustrations of its predecessor, additional labeling items for a smoother transition into the synonym task and provide a broader sampling of vocabulary for older examinees” (Williams, 2007). According to the publisher, the EVT-2 is available for various settings, however, currently it is only available in the English language (Williams, 2007). In order to accommodate for those who may have special needs (i.e., the hearing-or vision-impaired), the EVT-2 manual provides suggested adaptations that will allow that population to participate in the assessment. In order to access the complete EVT-2 kit for assessment purposes, it will cost the purchaser USD $419 if they choose to purchase through the Pearson publishing company. This complete kit includes the manual, administration easels, 25 record forms for Form A and B, as well as a carrying bag (Williams, 2007). Additional

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