The Walking Dead By Robert Kirkman

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The roles of gender relations in “The Walking Dead” and the current, The Walking Dead is not just any book, but it is long running comic book series with more than hundred from the decade. It talk about more zombies that you cannot imagine. Zombies are more than you imagine and even our current life of today. The Walking Dead created by Robert Kirkman, the book was publish 2003 in the image comic, with by art Tony Moore for the first six issues. Gender role are sometimes being discussed as a big concern in the walking dead. The same topic in the walking dead still debate today as a major issue in the society. The big problem people argue in a post-apocalyptic community is that men would have higher percentage of power than women in…show more content…
But the current lifestyle comes in when people learned through the past mistake by analyzing that “The Walking Dead” is favoring one party (men only). But it is not promote equal lifestyle for people. It does not treat people equally, but it gave men primacy and women with children become inferiority. In order to have equal level of live and duties that does not segregate people by their sex or gender roles as the same level of opportunity. This system have to be modify or demolish and carry on with the essay and simple life that give respect to all humanity. The gender role as the book explain in “The Walking Dead” is critic mostly to women. According to the Gender role, there are so many issues could be numbered and also related to the current life of today. These problems and challenges are facing our society and it draw us back to the past system. When women do not get equal access or same level as men in work place. Women are getting less pay or making less money, even though they do the same amount of work as men do. Our society of today has a big change drastically from the past decades. Women are now typically stay longer not to get married in order to make money before they get marriage or have children. To look at the current statistic for low income families are women. Even poor people in our society are women, in any life circumstances women are more likely victim than men. There are many things lead them to
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