The War I And World War II

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Humanity was forever changed after the wars of the 20th century. World War I and World War II are known for the millions of military and civilian lives they took away. Horrific words such as concentration camps, slave labor and genocide are linked to the wars. They are also credited to causing nations to rapidly come up and develop brilliant new inventions, warfare tactics and revolutionary ideas that are still playing intricate roles in modern day societies. Both of these wars were accredited to the implementation of new technology and weapons. Many treaties and agreements were drafted, written and implemented in the aftermath of the war and reconstruction plans were carefully put together. The world famous war trials also began once WWII ended; this was where domestic and international courts conducted trials for individuals accused of war crimes in an attempt to seek justice and restitution on behalf of the victims and damaged lives. This was also a time when countries realized what their economic strengths and weaknesses were and prepared to restore themselves; all while putting in place precautions for the future.
World War I was fought between July 28, 1914 and November 11, 1918. Back then it was commonly referred to as the Great War, the War to End War, and the European War. An article in The Associated Press once ranked World War I as the “8th most important event of the 20th century.” The reason being is that almost everything…

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