The War Of Ancient Egypt Essay

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Introduction: I chose this book because of my newfound appreciation of Egyptian warfare. I had always been fascinated by Egyptian history, but had somewhat dismissed the study thereof. I highly suggest this book to anyone studying Egyptian warfare. It analyzes in great depth, the New Kingdom and its war strategies prior to the Egyptians’ takeover of Syria. The excruciating detail in which Egyptologist, Anthony Spalinger articulates has details for the novice, the middle student, and even an instructor of ancient civilizations.
Summary: Elaborated from a militarist and often scientific point of view, hieroglyphs, reliefs, and artifacts that would otherwise convey an ominous or mysterious meaning behind glass in a museum, are given new life as a master of his trade deciphers the undecipherable in his book, War in Ancient Egypt, Ancient World at War.
Purpose: Anthony J. Spalinger tells us that his purpose is to enable the reader to gain a more thorough knowledge of the New Kingdom in ancient Egypt from 1550-1070 B.C.E. Instead of bombarding the reader with an extensive list of wars during this timeframe, Spalinger promises to present his dissertation concerning the New Kingdom from a logistical standpoint as opposed to a historical one. Spalinger further solidifies his intent when he tells us that his goal is to help the reader to grasp the state of deadliness that the Egyptian army rose to during the New Kingdom. He promises to list the significant

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