The War Of The American War II

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World War II is one of the most prolific events in American history. While soldiers were away on foreign soil, thousands of Americans at home were doing their part as well. For example many citizens worked in factories across the nation producing the supplies the military needed to accomplish their goal. When people think of the places that most frequently furnished these products the common perception is that most products were manufactured in the northern industrial states, although this is not always the case. Throughout the war Louisiana played a critical role in adequately preparing for the war. Andrew Higgins has become famous for his role in inventing the Higgins’s Craft, which played a critical role in the beach landings in …show more content…

Louisiana played an important role in nearly every aspect of America’s success in World War II, and likewise, it deserves to be highlighted. The American army lacked adequate preparation to go to war in 1941, but that soon changed. Nearly half a million soldiers participated in a series of military maneuvers, or games, across mostly north Louisiana. Fourteen of the 27 divisions of the army took place in these events. The Louisiana maneuvers have become one of the largest peacetime military maneuvers in American history. This practice proved to be important for the army. Brigadier Raymond H Fleming explained that everything the United States Army had, except for bullets, would be turned loose in Louisiana. This allowed for the soldiers, most of them being newly enlisted, to gather wartime experience. Likewise, not all commands were fully equipped with the latest technology, but through these games the ill-equipped commands were able to see the effectiveness of the new technology. The soldiers that endured these games went through full paced war-like maneuvers. The Army was divided into two and simulated a mock war between each other. The two “armies” went back and forth between over the course of ten days. They struggled through long hours and simulated combat. Along with the struggle of

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