The War Of The Middle East

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The war in the Middle East is an Arab-Israeli conflict with a lot of external parties with their own interests involved. The seed for the war was sown by the British Empire in charge of Palestine in the early twentieth century, when it promised an independent Arab state that included Palestine to the Arabs (Shah). In contradiction the British Foreign Minister also promised the same land to the Israelis through the ‘Balfour Declaration’ and aid for the establishment of ‘a Jewish national home’ in Palestine (Shah). Since, then the United Nations and the United States of America have fueled the war between these two parties. The involvement of foreign party and their tendency to wage war against any Arab regime, that disagrees being a mere puppet has created a power vacuum increasing instability within the Arab nations. This has increased violence and terrorism in the Middle East, the effects of which is felt throughout the world. The main causes of this war and why it has not yet been solved can be found by digging deep into the concepts of “Greater Israel”, direct involvement of external forces and “petrodollars”.
The main concept behind “Greater Israel” is to expand the territories of Israel and weaken the Arab forces. After the formation of the United Nations, the UN backed by the US proposed the partition of Palestine from which the minority Jewish population received the majority of the best lands (Richman). The majority of Palestinians who are of Arab origin have been

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