The War That Led to Love Essay example

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It wasn’t my fault that England and France decided to go to war. It wasn’t me who decided that stealing King Philippe’s cow was a great idea. I didn’t declare war; I hadn’t even wanted a war. And, so, why was I sitting in a jail cell with a whole bunch of other innocent British? Why was it that I was soon to be sold as a slave for the crimes my country committed? Oh, I’m sure England was doing the same thing, but why me. “Your number is 1-0-6-4-2.” A guard with a heavy French accent told me as he dragged me out of my cell. “Remember it.” 1-0-6-2-4. No, 1-0-6-4-2. 1-0-6-4-2. 1-0-6-4—. I gasped as we emerged into a beautiful city. “Oui, le Paris.” The guard said reverently. He chuckled. “Enjoy your stay.” He said in farewell as I was …show more content…

“You my slave.” The woman said haltingly in English. “I have bakery. You learn French.” She then walked forward dragging me with her. We arrived at a small building from which delicious smells wafted. I soon learned that the woman and I were the only residents. The bakery was fairly successful and we led comfortable lives. I didn’t feel much like a slave; Darlene, the woman, soon learned English after I had tried, and failed, to speak French. I was soon an expert at baking and learned to enjoy it. I was happy with my new life; especially as everyone took the time to speak English for my sake. That day I was making croissants when somebody called out. “Hello?” “How may I help you?” I asked as I walked out from the back, but I stopped abruptly when I saw the man at the door. “Well, what do you know!” The young guard said with a laugh leaning on the counter. “We meet again.” “Oh, um. Do you need anything?” I stammered. “I’ll settle for some of your famous croissants.” He said not taking his eyes off me. I handed him the croissants wordlessly and he tossed a gold coin to me. “I’m afraid I don’t know your name?” “Ashley.” I answered cautiously. “I see, much better than 1-0-6-4-2.” He had remembered my number? “I’m Kyle Edison, at your service.” I didn’t know what to say; so I just stood there. “These croissants are delicious by the way.” He said and then he left. Kyle returned many times after that; he brought me news of the war, updated me on the latest

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