The Ways We Lie By Stephanie Ericsson

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Should we stop lying and should stop letting people lie to us? In “The Ways We Lie”, Stephanie Ericsson describes lying as “a cultural cancer that… reorders reality until moral garbage becomes as invisible to us as water is to a fish” (Ericsson 186). Ericsson believes that we have accepted lies to the point where do not recognize it anymore. Ericsson has a point when she says that lying should not be tolerated, but it should be the unnecessary lies that should not be tolerated. There are lies that are justifiable based on the intent of the person lying. All lies are harmful in their own ways but sometimes we need to lie to protect others and ourselves.
In “The Ways We Lie”, Ericsson describes the different types of lies: white lie, facades, ignoring the plain facts, deflecting, omission, stereotypes and clichés, groupthink, out-and-out lies, dismissal, and delusion. First Ericsson claims that white lies is when a person “assumes that the truth will cause more damage than a simple, harmless untruth” (Ericsson 181). A person decides that it is better to tell the lie rather than to tell the truth because of how he or she perceives the outcome will be. Ericsson believes that people who use white lies decide what is best for the other person and it “is an act of subtle arrogance to decide what is best for someone else” (Ericsson 181). When people use white lies they’re assuming that what they are doing something that is beneficial for the other person. Although they do not know

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