Desdemona Is To Blame In Shakespeare's Othello

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In Othello, by William Shakespeare, the characters Iago, Cassio, and Othello share a good bond between each other. They have been good friends for some time. Othello, being sdeen as the hero and Iago as the villain. Iago is a two face person. He manipulates Othello into thinking that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio. Throughout Shakespeare's entire play, Othello, goes through emotions of love, jealousy and betrayal which changes him in the end of the play. The naive actions and belief lay the downfall of Othello from the man he once was. Othello's weak character is to blame for the tragedy because of his inability to distinguish good from evil, lack of trust in his wife, and his own insecurities as an outsider. Othello was a hero to his people. He of course, was a good person. He was a black man who lead his people. He was a good man who was driven down the wrong path. He was good because he was a trusting individual. He was a very intelligent man. He believed in honor, friendship and duty. He was honored serving for his people and had a good bond with his friends. He did not take favor in nobody. When Cassio got into a fight, he took his position of Lieutenant. He showed everybody that just because it was his friends he would not punish him. He was a weak character because he could not distinguish good from evil within his people. Othello is not clearly good or evil. Though he’s responsible and noble. He becomes a man with a loving and noble nature, but

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