The Welfare Policy Regulates All Stages Of A Child 's Contact With State Agencies

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Policies are important to all that could benefit from them and could help our communities by helping them. Also, policies are important because our government is strapped for money. Since we face serious fiscal problems with the government running large deficits every year. Meaning we have to be smarter about our social welfare policies. It needs to be ensure that they really work so that they are not wasting money. Moreover, in 2004 in the United States about 3 million children were investigated because of alleged abuse or neglect. From that investigation 872, 000 children were confirmed victims of maltreatment; and an estimate 1,490 children died from abuse or neglect (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2006). Child welfare …show more content…

The bureaucratic model that was designed to legitimize the professional aims of child welfare work became a principal barrier to the use of family preservation models in public agencies. This bureaucratization is traced to the efficiency paradigm that began to emerge in the early part of the twentieth century when a shift occurred form cause to function and from the democratic to the bureaucratic organization. Lubove described the origins of the efficiency paradigm in social work as follows:

The quest for efficiency and administrative technique in social agency operations paralleled the caseworker’s efforts to reduce the range of intuition, subjectivity, and unpredictability in her own work. In both cases the volunteer introduced an element of uncertainty. Neither her livelihood nor social status depended upon conformity to agency policy or to the standards and procedures of professional casework. Volunteer service conflicted with the administrator’s desire for rational, efficient organization and the social worker’s identification with the agency as a vehicle for professional achievement. (Lubove, 1965, p.161)
The efficiency pursued as a means for legitimizing the professional social worker has had its consequences. Today’s public child welfare agency has devolved into the organization type that sociologist, Max Weber feared in defining the pure bureaucratic type: bureaucratic efficiency has reduced the organization’s capacity to respond to

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