The Witchy Worries of Abby Adams Essay

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Dreams... are truly made of you. They show your deepest fears and wildest moments ... maybe even things from the future.
The witchy worries of Abby Adams
“Daisy, are you done with your book honey”, mom said loudly. “Yes”, I declared proudly. After all, it was a long and dry book at the beginning, and it did take a pretty long time. “So, do you want to tell me what it’s about?” my mom said inquisitively. “Sure”, I said, stuffing a piece of meatloaf into my mouth. “So, this book is called The Witchy Worries of Abby Adams. In the beginning, they introduce the characters. You know, like they do in every book. After that –’’Ding dong! “Oh my, I wonder who it could be!”My mother said, getting up from her seat to go get the door. “Hi Abby! Come …show more content…

Mom looked back and gave me a funny face. In fact, it looked like she wanted to burst out laughing! “Abby, Daisy says that you are the girl from her book”! I glared at mom. How could she just blurt it out like that? Secondly, she didn’t believe me. For once, I actually knew how it felt to be a fairy-tale character. Abby gave a loud laugh then said, “I’m sure I’m not a character from a book and yes, I know that resemble to characters from books but please, don’t accuse me if you don’t have proof”. But from her words, I could tell she was hiding something behind her words and laughter. As if she could trick me! “First of all, I’m not accusing anybody. Stop trying to make it worse than it seems. Second of all, I have real proof. So if you think you can come into my house, say you want to talk to me, and then lie to me, then you need to find another girl”! “Daisy!” Mom was furious this time. “Don’t talk to Mr. Alan’s daughter like that. Now you know he is a good man and he is always polite to you. So why do you dare talk to his daughter in such a way?” my mother roared. “I would never! Except that this isn’t Mr. Alan’s daughter. I have proof mom!” I snapped back. At that moment, I figured that I’ve had enough of this nonsense and zoomed upstairs to get my book. Except this time, my book was blank. All that was on the cover were books and her cat. Inside the book was where her name did not exist. It was as if

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