The Work Of The Cleaning Supplies Industry

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The cleaning supplies industry has had a long and infamous reputation of producing either a toxic product that got the job done or a green product that didn’t do much. Method Products was the first in its industry to break the norm and create a product that works for us, and our planet at the same time. Their innovative cleaning products combine aesthetic designs, aromatic fragrances, and non-toxic ingredients in order to attract the consumers at large [Eng, Dinah]. Method Products has most definitely positively impacted the earth by leading by example in the cleaning supplies industry.
In 2000, Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry co-founded Method Products Incorporated in a tiny apartment in San Francisco. Ryan and Lowry saw the unsustainability in the cleaning supplies industry and wanted to disrupt this existing category, so they decided to play the challenger role by creating the first company in the industry that included environmental sustainability in their main goals. The founders wanted to follow the cultural shifts towards a healthy green living and apply it to daily household cleaning appliances. At the time going down the path of sustainability was not a good business model, they were driven by altruistic motives to help the planet one step at a time [Eng, Dinah]. When Method finally hit the shelves of America, it was almost an immediate success. Within one year, Method expanded and created a headquarters in downtown San Francisco, and sold its products to over 800 stores

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