The World After Running Out Of Fossil Fuels Would Be A

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The world after running out of fossil fuels would be a horrible place for living. life would be hard and harsh. This is the case for us if we couldn’t find new energy resources. Nowadays, many countries are reliant on energy from conventional sources like crude oil, natural gas, and coal. These sources are limited and they eventually will run out at some point in the future. Considering this fact and increasing demands for energy, the search for new energy resources is reasonable and it should be taken seriously. In recent years, renewable energy resources have proven as an interesting alternative to conventional energy resources. Renewable energy resources like wind energy, solar energy, and hydropower result from the natural process and…show more content…
Nonrenewable energy resources are still the main resources for the production of energy in many countries. Although there is an uncertainty about the estimation of the amount of these energy resources and the time for these resources to run out, they are finite resources (Spiers et al, 2015). In fact, the current rate of consuming these sources and the increasing demand for future are the reasons for fear of exhausting of nonrenewable energy. There have been arguments regarding using this energy efficiently or finding new resources to replace this energy (Luthra et al, 2015). For instance, coal as the most abundant energy resource among other fossil fuels will last just for next 250 years and the others will run out even sooner. (Mathew,2006) The other issue with fossil is its environmental impact especially the production of Greenhouse Gas which has been a serious concern around the world recently (Luthra et al, 2015). The amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) has been changed in the last 400000 years and the rise is expected. This rise was significant in past centuries and as an example, this rise in concentration for last 40 years has been almost 50%. It is clear that the generating energy from the burning of fuel plays an important role in this increase. A coal – fired power plant can produce 6-8 megatons of CO2 every year. (Khoo et al., 2006). Taking this fact into consideration, climate change

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